Trainee Integrative Therapist for adults
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My approach as a therapist

I combine compassion, empathic listening skills and perceptive clinical thinking. I take great care to create a space in which you feel safe enough to share what you need to. I would always follow your lead (you are the expert about your life) and I would apply my experience, skills and theoretical training to support you in finding a way through your difficulties. 

Most importantly, I believe in bringing my personality into the therapy room and being real with you. I do not hide behind a mask. Therapy can be painful, cathartic, funny, joyous, exciting and I would meet you in the full range of emotional states.    

Psychotherapy research show that it is the quality of relationship that heals. We are social animals born into relationship yet they are often so challenging.  A psychotherapeutic relationship can illuminate the unhelpful patterns that complicate your relationships with others and provide an opportunity to try out new ways of relating.

Change starts in the here and now and this is where I would focus our work. 

I would hope that we can end our sessions at a point when you feel that you enjoy greater self-awareness and  exercise more choice about how you live your life.  


Service Offered

I offer short and longer term counselling and psychotherapy to adults in Swansea and the surrounding areas during the working day and in the early evening. 



  • 4 year PG Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy (post completion)
  • Certificate in counselling from the University of West of England in 2009