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About WPP

For the last 10 years, the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership (WPP) has offered quality provision of psychotherapy and supervision. WPP also provides training for psychotherapeutic counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors in Cardiff, South Wales. WPP courses are recognised and lead to registration by UKCP and National Counselling Society. Our courses have small groups and a high trainer to trainee ratio. We have a well-stocked lending library and Moodle with over 700 articles on available to trainees. In addition, with our CPD events, we have been lucky to host many national and international speakers such as Jeremy Holmes, Elinor Greenberg, Robin Shohet and Claude Steiner to name a few.  WPP has a reputation for high quality training that is well thought of both at home and internationally.


Introduction to the Psychotherapy Completion Course

There are many trainees in the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy community who did most of the training but did not complete to UKCP registration. WPP is offering a Psychotherapy Completion Programme for these members of our community. The course will have a core foundation of modules spread over two years. The trainee will be able to build a personal specific training package to meet individual learning needs. WPP will offer core modules aimed at passing specific modules. In addition, the trainee will be able to access optional modules at WPP or within the wider community.  


There are two P. G. Diploma of Psychotherapy offered at WPP. The P.G. Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and the P.G. Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy leading to UKCP registration with the Humanistic and Integrative College (HIPC). These courses are made up of common modules for all trainees and modality specific modules. This means that groups are configured differently depending upon the subject matter. The modules of these 2 diplomas are taught in modality specific groups with different years or common modules to year groups. For optional modules, you will join other trainees on these modules.


Who is this Course For?

The course is designed for people who have completed a minimum of 3 years of training with a training organisation registered with the Humanistic and Integrative College (HIPC) on a course leading to UKCP registration. During their previous training course the trainee needs to have seen clients whilst being supervised by a supervisor recognised and working in accordance with the UKCP guidance on supervision.


The trainee will be responsible for their learning outcomes and be proactive in meeting their learning goals and developing their programme. This will require a detailed tutorial (£55 per hour) to design a programme at the outset of training.


This is not a conversion from a counselling course (recognised by BACP) to a psychotherapy qualification. A BACP counselling qualification meets the entry requirements for the P.G. Diploma of Psychotherapy. If you have been on a Psychotherapeutic Counselling Course leading to UKCP PCIPC registration then you are usually able to do 3 taught years on the Diploma of Psychotherapy Course to convert. If you are in any doubt please make contact so we can discuss your training needs. Please note those wishing to complete the Gestalt Diploma will usually be required to complete the full years.


Additional Requirements

Seeing Clients – WPP asks all trainees to use a placement or join the WPP Affordable Therapy Service. Trainees apply for this and WPP vets all trainees to ensure best practice and safety for the public. The policy will be sent after application is successful.


Entry Requirements

To apply the trainee - will usually need to have logged –

  • A minimum of 450 POST GRADUATE training hours with a UKCP / HIPC Organisational Member Training Institute within the last 10 years.
  • A minimum of 100 hours of client work some in the last 5 years
  • Written a case study of more than 4000 words on a client you have seen for more than 20 hours. If your original training did not require this then the course equivalent   (supervision report, essay      on client work etc.)


  • Supervised at a minimum of 1:6 individual supervision hours with UKCP or equivalent supervisor
  • A minimum of 100 hours of personal therapy with a recognised UKCP therapist.
  • Trainees on application will need to produce a Portfolio of Learning to evidence their prior learning.  This will include the WPP log that will be sent to you after application. This Portfolio will form the basis of the UKCP application; however, will be expanded during the Post Completion Course to include evidence of each training standard (in addition to the final case study and transcript).


  • The trainee will need to demonstrate that they have passed Law, Ethics and AOP 1 module, or will be asked to complete the essay before seeing clients under the Affordable Therapy Service.
  • A letter of recommendation from a past or current tutor or supervisor.


If the above does not apply to you or you are timed out then – depending upon how long it was since you were in training or seeing clients we will ask you to do our foundation year first and then we will build a programme with you. N.B. each case will be dealt with on an individual merit basis. Guidelines are given below.


A)   Training Time Outs

If it is more than 10 years since you left training or you have been timed out by you original Training Institute you will be asked to do the Foundation Year. WPP will recommend this route for you because it is a supportive way of bringing you back into training, and gives you opportunity to catch up on outstanding work required to meet the training standards.

B)    Client Hours

If you are not currently seeing clients and have not done so in the last 5 years we will ask you to complete the foundation year. If you have less than 100 hours we require you do the Foundation. For client hours to count you need to have been supervised by a UKCP recognised or equivalent Supervisor. (This does not necessarily include BACP recognised supervisors)

C)   Insufficient Academic Work

If you have gaps in the required essays then it will be necessary to complete essays during the programme to meet certain training standards. This may include a reflexive writing on the journey to date, research proposal or project or essay, trauma and neuroscience essay.



The programme will be a two-year programme. The trainee will be required to complete a minimum of 26 days (or 156 contact hours) training during this period.  The trainee can choose to do all 26 days at WPP or do core modules + additional training elsewhere. After the 2-year programme, if you have not completed this you will enter the Post-Completion stage (see policy). After this you will have a maximum of 2 years to complete any written work and gain the necessary hours for the log. The programme will be built for each applicant based on Core and optional modules (joining other WPP trainees on their rolling programme).

This will be a 2-year programme as you will need to be a WPP member for 2 years prior to applying for UKCP registration.


There will be Core Modules: -

  1. Role of therapist: - Introduction to WPP and HIPC/ UKCP Training standards
  2. Live Practice Workshop- covering Working with Dreams
  3. Law, Ethics and Anti-Oppressive Practice
  4. Residential -  Experiments and Projective Phenomena  
  5. Existentialism, Loss and Endings

A module is 3 days Friday – Sunday each day is 9.30 am to 5.15 pm. Clinical Writing of Case Study and Tape Transcript days can be added to the core modules if required.


Each trainee is required to meet each every HIPC training standard. Their selection of optional workshops will be designed to meet gaps in learning.  The trainee will be able to book to attend any WPP module from the time table. However, this will need to be done during the initial planning stage so the group and tutors can be made aware and logistics and attend to any process issues.


Optional WPP modules include: -

  • Working with Transference Phenomena
  • Diagnosis and Formulation
  • Trauma and Neuroscience
  • Research for Psychotherapists
  • Foundations of Gestalt
  • Models of Integration
  • CBT and Motivational Interviewing
  • Attachment
  • Developmental Deficit, Damage and Dysfunction
  • Safeguarding
  • Addictions
  • Trainees can organise their own workshop to meet the needs of the group.

CPD – trainees are encouraged to attend a wide range of alternative training days to meet their learning goals. Attending UKAGP / UKAPI events etc, count towards training hours for this programme.


Additional Requirements

  1.      The trainee is expected to keep a learning journal
  2.      Apply to Affordable Therapy Service to enable them to work with clients
  3.      Gain supervision in line with UKCP guidelines.
  4.      We actively encourage you to complete a DBS
  5.      Attend personal therapy for the duration of the PCC

Training Standards

To complete the Diploma in Psychotherapy you are required to evidence that you have met every training standard that HIPC sets. WPP courses are designed to meet these standards, therefore the trainee will be required to evidence the training requirements. Each trainee is asked to evidence these standards in their Portfolio of Evidence, which is worth 20% of their overall grade. During the Psychotherapy Completion Course the trainee will need to work with the tutor and the training group to complete each standard.

  • Membership of WPP for 2 years before applying to UKCP
  • Full log 900 training hour requirements (see attached breakdown in appendix 1)
  • Attend compulsory modules of Ethics, Trauma, Anti -Oppressive Practice and Shame
  • Pass the required presentations on ethics, experiments and dream module.
  • Complete the Mental Health Familiarisation Programme (8 days)
  • Complete Portfolio of Evidence
  • Complete 3 clinical competencies on 3 separate clients, 1 x small case study, 1 x long case study and 1 x tape transcript.
  • Have paid all fees and dues including Clinical Competency Marking Fees.


Core Module Prices

The Psychotherapy Completion Course starts in Autumn 2017 and ends in Autumn 2019. The day training rate for the course is £110 incl. of VAT. The residential is day rate x 5 + £180 incl. of VAT bed and breakfast and lunch. Fees can be paid in monthly installments of in full, 10 working days before the module. The trainee will have additional costs:-

  •         Register as WPP trainee member trainee Membership Fee = £36
  •         Complete welcome pack again – with photos, with non-refundable deposit of £330 that covers the last module for autumn 2019.
  •         Personal Therapy
  •         Supervision
  •         Insurance
  •         DBS (optional)
  •         Clinical Competency Marking Fee – due to be increased to £640 in 2018 increasing to £850 in 2018 and then to £960 in 2019,

Marking fees are subsidised by WPP however due to increased stringent marking procedures of Internal and External markers and External Examiners and External Moderators, these fees will be increasing incrementally in the coming years.


Summary Chart










Welcome to WPP

Training Standards














Working with Dreams


























Anti-Oppressive Practice and Transference













Core Concepts







Oct 17th -18th




Loss and Endings






Covered by deposit


































Attendance of each of the 3 days of a module is required. 100% attendance of this programme gives 120 hours of training. Trainees will need to make plans for a minimum of 36 additional hours. Clinical writing days will be available on 25th Jan; 3rd March; 7th July and 4th October subject to having 6 people booked on. Clinical Writing Days are charged at £65 per day and paid directly to the tutor.


Optional Modules –

Trainees will be given the WPP programme for the next 2 years select any optional modules at WPP. Each Optional Module will be charged at the day training rate. WPP would expect the 2nd year to be made up of optional modules and / or a specialist workshop organised by the group. A pastoral tutor (not training core tutor) will be allocated who you will check in with about progress throughout this stage.


Gaining UKCP Registration

WPP will work with the trainee towards UKCP registration. This will occur when all the Training Requirements have been met. The trainee is asked to submit their Portfolio in the September of the year prior to submission of the Clinical Competency work - case study and tape transcript. There two submission dates each year 31st January and 31st October.


Please apply using the application form on line, and send off for 2 referees. (Click here for reference forms) Then you will be invited for interview.


Additional Papers – These will be made available when you apply for the course.

  • WPP Outline of training Provision to Meet HIPC requirements

  • Rolling programme 2017/2019

  • Seeing Clients

  • Clinical Competency