You will need to submit an application form in advance of the day  to be received by us before September 4th 2018


The day itself will run from 9. 30 am to approx. 3pm with  refreshment breaks and lunch break, there are plenty of  food places around the city centre if you do not wish to bring your own lunch.  Tea & coffee will be provided.


We do ask that you commit to being here for the entire time.  You will need to arrive between 9am – 9.20 to have a coffee or tea before we start in our training room promptly at 9.30. During the day itself we will introduce you to the processes of training at WPP eg there will be some activities both practical & theory based undertaken in the small group and there will also be individual interview times scheduled.  


Attendance at the session does not commit you in any way to accepting a place if offered nor does it imply automatic acceptance onto the course but we would hope at the end of our time together, that we are all clear about whether you want and are able to proceed with training at this time. If training with us is not an option for any reason, we would hope to discuss suitable alternatives with you.You will have also have the opportunity to ask any further questions that you want to on the day.


We do make a nominal charge of £25 for this process but if you continue to train with us you will be able to  count  some hours towards your training log.   If you wish to attend but there are insufficient numbers for that day and we need to cancel the session . We will let you know asap and invite you to a session  later in the year and/or offer you an individual interview at a time to be agreed. 



Download course Application Form Here