Start Date of Course for Foundation/ Year 1:  First Module 27-29 September 2019

Applications need to be in by Friday 20th September 2019.

Who can apply: 


The P.G.  Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and the P.G. Diploma in Gestalt Therapy are delivered at postgraduate level. Standards of training are deliberately rigorous to ensure that, when qualified, participants feel equipped to deliver therapy of the highest competency. To enter the course the trainee needs to demonstrate their: -

A.  Academic Ability -through one or more of the following: 

• Degree

• Professional Qualification e.g. nursing, Dip SW etc.

• Diploma of Counselling leading to BACP  registration or NCS registration

• Masters / PhD


Where there is no formal higher education the trainee can demonstrate this by one or more of the following:

• Recognition prior learning - see WPP policy 

• Suitable life experience - vocational courses

• WPP academic essay 

• Foundation Course/Other Circumstances 


B. Personal Development

• All prospective students are required to demonstrate a commitment to self- awareness and personal growth through their journey to date.

• Willingness to engage with personal therapy throughout the duration of the course.

• Have self care skills that can be applied to the training.


C. Clinical Awareness

• Preferably a counselling skills course or demonstrable people skills

• Experience of working with people

• Preferably some knowledge of mental health-ill health. 

If you are interested in our training and are concerned there may be any barriers to your admission or learning, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss ways we may be able to support your professional development. At WPP we will assess your prior learning and experiences to discuss ways of gaining acceptance on the course if you should not meet the usual admission criteria. 



Course Content

This is a 4-year part-time course. Each year is taught over 7 x 3 day modules  (Friday to Sunday) and 1 x 5 day Module. 100% attendance is required.


The Schedule for each day is approximately the same and comprises: 


9am – Breakfast (optional)

9.30 – Group Process 

11am  – Refreshment 

11.30 – Theoretical Themes 

1pm – Lunch 

2.05 – Small Group Activity (discussion group or skills practice)

3.20 – Refreshment 

3.40pm – Large group: practicum/fishbowl, journal and reflection on day 

5.30 – End 


Common Workshops 

• The Role of the Therapist

• Introduction to Gestalt, Integrative Models, TA.

• Human Development and Attachment

• Working with Transference Phenomena

• Preparation for Clinical Work

• Neuroscience and Trauma

• Shame

• Developmental Deficit, Damage and Dysfunction

• Emotional Literacy 

• Ethics 

• Anti -oppressive Practice

• Formulation

• Experimentation

• Creative Psychotherapy 

• Research


 Gestalt Key Components

o Fundamentals of Gestalt  

o 3 Pillars of Gestalt- 

o Dialogic Theory 

o Phenomenology

o Field theory in the Here and Now

o Body Work and Exploring Fixed Gestalts

o Experimentation 

o Contact and Relational Meeting 

o Projective Techniques

o Phenomenological Enquiry Historical Models of Integration 

o Development Model for Gestalt 


 Integrative Key Components

• Theoretical and Personal Approaches to Integration 

• Enquiry, Attunement, Involvement 

• Projective Techniques

• Human Development 

• Historical Models of Integration 

• Contemporary Integrative Models- Including CAT & MBCBT

• Intersubjectivity and co-construction


The PG Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy is accredited by U K Council for Psychotherapy.   On passing the course you will be able to apply for UKCP registration as a Psychotherapist

The PG Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy is accredited by the National Counselling Society (NCS) and, at the discretion of the Society, is a route onto a national register of counsellors which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority 


FEES 2019/20   (including VAT)

Year One –

  • Membership Fee £36

  • Full annual course fee payment: £3884.55

    Non refundable deposit £323.71  then a single payment of £3560.84

  • Instalments (A financial Agreement will be put in place)

Deposit of £323.71 on enrolment then a Standing Order of 11 equal payments of £323.71

Deposit of £323.71  on enrolment and 3 equal payments of £1186.95


  • There is an additional fee for the marking of the final Case study and Transcript.   Submissions on or after Feb 1st 2019 the fee will be £720

  • Once you have begun a training year you are committed to the full fee for that year.  Please note that Fees may be subject to increase in future years.

  • Students are responsible for funding their own therapy and supervision. 

For further information please follow the links below:                 




Information on UKCP Bursary scheme -To be eligible you must be a registered UKCP Trainee Member and not be in receipt of any other bursaries.


   UKCP Website                         The National Counselling Society Website