Mayday Celebration

Awards Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Celebrations


Friday 5th May 2017  Doors open 5pm to 10pm

Llandaff Suite, Park Inn City Centre, Cardiff

Tickets available now for £20.


Dear friends and colleagues,

We are inviting all of you who have been involved in our development over the last 10 years to an event which will celebrate our individual & collective achievements. WPP opened its doors 10 years, ago in May, with a mission statement to develop the therapeutic community in Wales. It is the WPP friends and members that have made WPP.

This evening is to celebrate our collective achievements, to honour those who have done well individually and to thank everyone for their role in making WPP what it is today.

About the evening -

In the words of D W Winnicott (who we love) “play is a serious business” & we intend the evening to be joyous and playful with some serious purposes also! In the spirit of trainings and residentials, we want to honour that we are a community and so we will welcome your involvement both in the planning of this and on the evening.

The loose plan so far is that our students and graduates will receive their certificates to mark their progress. We will not be having a group process!  However, we will be having some bubbly and canapes instead. This is not a full meal so we advise you to make plans for dinner with friends and family either before or after the event. We will have a quiet private bar area open for us too if you want to chat and catch up with friends.

We will later make space to ‘showcase’ our many and various talents so if you are willing to offer a poem a song an anecdote or other contributions let us know. We are hoping there will be some “community” singing and who knows possibly pony dancing.   We are not so sure about drumming though as both Mel & the Park Inn may have something to say about it… (in joke sorry if you don’t get it.. but Mel will ask about drumming as it wouldn’t be a WPP event without it). In Wales, we deal with complex boundaries all the time and it’s one of our collective super powers.


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Marianne Fry Lectures Psychotherapy Lectures in Bristol 2017 Lecture:

Nick Totton “Reclaiming the Heart of Psychotherapy”

Date/Time Date(s) - Saturday, 30 September 2017 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Location Armada House, Bristol About the lecture

The last few decades have seen a powerful movement within therapy to tighten its theoretical and institutional structures. It has set up processes of regulation and surveillance on every level to make psychotherapy and counselling conform to the model of a 21st century profession.

Nick Totton will argue that this Procrustean approach – chopping bits off here and stretching bits painfully there – may have had a certain value. It has forced us to attend to what it has failed to notice: that the values and attitudes at the core of our work are incompatible with deáning ourselves as a conventional profession. However, a powerful groundswell of opposition is now reclaiming the heart of psychotherapy, thus counter-balancing the movement towards regulation.

The lecture will start with Nick considering how he sees this process of reafármation, and his own part in it. We will then move by stages into a collective process. In pairs and small groups we will ask ourselves: What is at the heart of my practice? How does this support me in joining hands with other therapists, so as to create the sort of environment where psychotherapy can flourish?

About Nick Totton

Nick is a therapist, trainer and author with over thirty years’ experience. He was originally a Reichian body therapist. Now his approach is broad based and open to the spontaneous and unexpected. He has an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, has worked with Process Oriented Psychology and trained as a Craniosacral therapist.

Nick looks at the relationship between human beings and the natural world through ecological and psychological principles and hence climate change. He has written or edited books including Psychotherapy and Politics; The Politics of Psychotherapy; Not A Tame Lion –  Therapy in its Social and Political Contexts; Wild Therapy and Embodied Relating.  He has long been involved  in the politics of therapy. He edited the journal Psychotherapy and Politics International, was Chair of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is outgoing Chair of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union.

Nick has a grown-up daughter. He lives in Cornwall with his partner and grows vegetables.


Standard £80.00  
Earlybird (until end of June) £70.00  
Student concession
For students of counselling or psychotherapy in training. Please state training below.
For retired practitioners or those on low incomes


To book click on this link do not contact WPP as it is a Marianne Fry Lecture.


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